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Who is liable for my car accident injury?

When a car accident happens between two people, sorting out who may be liable can be simple. When you are the passenger on a bus or rideshare, or if a driver was on the job, and you get an accident, things become considerably more complicated.

The average cost for a disabling injury from an accident is over $96,000, and even an accident with no visible injuries can cost more than $12,000. The victim of these accidents should not be the ones left with the bill for their recovery. So, who is liable in one of the drivers was working?

Determining liability

Liability refers to the accountability for an event or action. In a car accident, a party outside of the drivers may be ultimately liable for the accident. If the driver who caused the accident was working when the accident occurred, the employer may be responsible because they hired a driver that caused the accident. This liability can be true for bus drivers, rideshare drivers, and even pizza delivery people.

It is also possible for a pedestrian to be liable for an accident, depending on the actions the pedestrian made leading to the accident. If a person was throwing rocks are vehicles, and it caused an accident, the pedestrian may be liable for costs.

The best way to determine who is liable for the costs of your injury is to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. Lawyers know how to review an accident and consult with expert testimony to determine who they should hold liable for your injuries.

Leave guessing out of it

A personal injury claim against someone a court may not find liable can result in a significant waste of time and money. You can hold responsible parties accountable for their actions through a proper review of an accident and what caused it.