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5 mistakes people make after suffering an injury in a crash

In the moments after you are involved in an auto accident, you’re a bit disorientated and fearful. You can’t believe what just happened. You hope you aren’t hurt, nor is anyone else. You wonder if you could have prevented the accident.

What you may not realize is that if you did suffer injuries, you may soon make mistakes that can hurt your injury claim. Some of those include the following:

  1. Admitting fault in an accident. Texas is an at-fault state for auto insurance. That means your insurance company will review the accident report from police, any witness statements and try to determine who was at fault. If you admit fault, you can undermine your case. You may not be at fault. You may only be partially at fault. It’s better to not say anything about who was at fault and let the investigation determine that.
  2. Not seeking medical care right away or when your injuries surface. If you are injured, you need to have medical records showing what your injuries are and that you are following your treatment plan. With those, you are more likely to receive better compensation for your injuries. Without them, you can face difficulties, as the insurance company may not believe your injuries are real or as severe as you claim.
  3. Giving too much information to your insurance agency, undermining your case. Insurance companies often are looking for ways to reduce any claims from an accident. If you say more than that you were involved in an accident and you made a police report, you could find yourself in trouble.
  4. Not consulting a personal injury attorney before accepting an insurance settlement. If an insurance company offers you a settlement, it’s likely to be a low-ball offer. You always should consult a personal injury attorney before accepting an injury settlement.
  5. Not calling an attorney until too much time has passed. You may want to resolve your injury claim on your own. But maybe you’ve called the insurance company time after time and haven’t made progress. In Texas, you only have two years to file a personal injury claim after an accident. You also want to avoid having your medical bills pile up because you are waiting for insurance compensation.

You want to do all you can to receive maximum compensation for an auto accident injury. Making sure you avoid these mistakes and working with a personal injury attorney are the best ways to accomplish that, so you can focus on your recovery and getting your life back to normal.